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Hey there,

I’m Sam

My love for photography started in college, when I learned fundemtnals on an SLR Film camera ( my Pentax K1000), and learning how to devolop Black & White film. Eventually, friends started getting married and they didn’t want to hire a typical wedding photographer.

They just wanted to live their day, and have someone make it look incredible, with someone that they could trust.

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My Philosphy:

The best wedding photography is candid.

It’s when you’re being yourself and forget all about the camera.
It’s all of those inbetween moments.
Not Planned. Not Posed.
Just real moments captured in the most beautiful way possible.



I studied Art Education when at Rhode Island College from 1995-2000.  I took Photography I, and II among my studio classes.  This was my first exposure to working with SLR camera’s, and developing film.

Participate in local workshops for photographers.

Professional trainings through Orion Photography Group.

Proud member of PPA (Proffessioanl Photographers of America) since 2017.

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For Fun

I’ve always been into the visual arts.  When I was college, my minor was actually Pottery, and I loved working with all of the Earth elements to make amazing sculptures.  This was also where my interest in photography was peaked, although it wouldn’t be until after college that I wanted to pursue it as a proffession.
I married my lovely wife in Febuary, 2022. Feels like yesterday, and it’s already been over a year.  So we’ve been enjoying our time together, and we just adopted our cat Gaucha, from the Johston Community Cat Center.  We love to ride bikes, and go visit new places.  We love travelling.  When I’m not out on the town taking photos, I’m at home dreaming about what to make for the next dinner.  Will it be simple, or extravigant.  Will I even have space in the kitchen to cook it?  If I only had more space, I would have a youtube cooking channel.

My cat Guacha

I also love outerspace.  When I was 13, I saved up my money from my under the table job, so that I could go to Space Camp!  It was a unique experiance that only a 13 year old could love!

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