What Makes Us Different

You Come First

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Groom shows cufflink

Everyone can quickly lose sight of the fact that today is your wedding day, even you. Our whole attention is on the topic of the day—YOUR STORY. We care about how happy and comfortable you are. We’ll make sure you two are having a good time and fully enjoying your wedding day. Don’t let the idea of following tradition stop you. Let’s go to McDonald’s for a burger if you feel like it. Go ahead and jump in the pool to end the night if you want to! We want you to have an unforgettable wedding day so you may share it with others.


Connection with our Couples

We commit ourselves to getting to know you both, your history, the plans you have for

your wedding day, and the things that excite you the most, from the moment we first meet

you. We’ll make sure you both are entertained, laughing, and entirely at ease in front of the cameras. Recognizing your relationship and effectively expressing your affection for one another.


Don’t Sweat the Posing!  

We are aware of how intimidating appearing in front of the camera may be when one is unsure of how to stand, where to place their hands, etc. No difficult judgments will need

to be made by you. While utilizing the angles that flatter you both the most, our posing strategy will have you both laughing and having a good time. We will direct you as to where to look and where to stand so that you can deepen your bond with one another.

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Above and Beyond

On the day of a wedding, anything might happen. Even after photographing all of the weddings we have, we frequently encounter new situations. Delays in the schedule, unforeseen downpours, clothing issues, and catering taking our dessert before we finish it (ok thats our problem).

Bride being roasted during speeches.
Brides brother gives a roast.

We are not surprised by anything. If we need a plan B or C, we will already have them prepared. In this way, you won’t even be aware that anything has changed, allowing you to go about your day as normal.


Respect and Love Your Family

We treat each and every member of your family the same way we would our own. They’ve all had an impact on your lives and provided support when you most needed it. Additionally, your family is made to be a priority. You may rest assured that your mother will receive proper care because we always make sure to take the pictures she requests (after you get everything you want of course).


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