Top Providence Wedding Trends

Top Wedding Trends in Providence 2023-2024

Hey there, lovebirds in Providence, RI! Your wedding day is on the horizon, and it’s never too early to start planning. Lucky for you, we’ve got the inside scoop on the top wedding trends for 2023. If you want your special day to be unforgettable and totally on point, keep reading. As a bonus, we’ve also got some awesome ideas for wedding entertainment and a comprehensive planning checklist to help you out. Let’s dive in!

First up, let’s talk about maximalist designs. Say goodbye to those all-white weddings that have dominated for ages. It’s time to bring on the color explosions! Couples are getting bold and adventurous with their wedding palettes. Think traditional colors mixed with non-traditional ones (like burnt orange) and eye-catching tableware (hello, black plates!). Get ready to breathe new life into your celebration!

colorful flowers flatlay
colorful flowers flatlay

Now, let’s talk luxury micro weddings. After the craziness of planning during the pandemic, couples have realized what truly matters – treating each guest like gold. Instead of inviting hundreds of people you barely know, focus on creating intimate connections with your nearest and dearest. It’s all about quality over quantity, folks.

When it comes to exits, forget about sparklers. In 2023, it’s all about grand exits that leave a lasting impression. Picture yourselves exiting with a shower of flowers, pre-lit balloons, fireworks, confetti bombs, or streamers. The photos will be incredible, and you’ll keep your guests and vendors safe. Win-win!

Want your wedding to reflect your unique style and taste? Embrace the trend of showcasing distinctive décor. Ditch the off-the-shelf venue decorations and go for customized design and décor services. Large and attention-grabbing floral installations will take center stage, while faux flower centerpieces are gaining popularity. You can even use the savings to amp up other areas of your celebration, like an open bar that keeps the party going all night long.

distinctive decor
distictive decor

Speaking of venues, opt for natural beauty. Providence has some stunning locations that require minimal embellishment. Think sparkling beaches, lush gardens, striking industrial spaces, and colorful art galleries. Let nature do the talking and save yourself some money and stress in the process. It’s a win-win!

Color is back in full force for 2023. While neutral tones had their moment in 2022, couples are embracing vibrant and bold hues to add that extra punch to their wedding designs. Classic neutrals will never go out of style, but don’t be afraid to infuse your day with a burst of energy and personality through vibrant colors.

Casual receptions are where it’s at. Say goodbye to formal sit-down dinners and hello to relaxed and laid-back celebrations. Who needs a traditional wedding cake when you can have a dessert bar that satisfies everyone’s sweet tooth? And forget about a large wedding party. Keep it intimate with a select few VIP friends and family members getting ready with you. It’s all about creating an intimate and cozy atmosphere.

When it comes to fashion, don’t hold back on the embellishments. Wedding gowns with flower appliques, removable sleeves or capes, and sparkling details are all the rage. And guys, it’s your time to shine too. Show off your individuality with multi-layered suits featuring a mix of patterns and colors. Get ready to turn heads!

If you want to make a stylish statement right from the start, consider stationery blind embossing for your invitations. It’s a chic and modern twist on traditional serif fonts that will impress your guests.

embossed invitation
embossed invititation

For a touch of whimsy and romance, incorporate floral ombre moments into your ceremony and reception. Let your florist work their magic and create breathtaking color gradients that will leave your guests in awe.

So, there you have it, lovebirds of Providence! The top wedding trends for 2023 are here to inspire you and make your big day unforgettable. From sustainable weddings to private dances and interactive favors, the possibilities are endless. Embrace your personal style, have fun planning, and get ready for the wedding of your dreams!

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